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January 29th, 2005

04:13 pm - *sigh*
Remember that performance of The Manpower that I reviewed, in which I said Takahashi, toward the end, sounded not unlike Pee-Wee Herman being kicked in the nuts?

Yeah, she's sounded like that in two more performances since that one. You know you've got a problem when you've been in Morning Musume for this long, yet still can't control your voice well enough during a song that requires semi-powerful vocals. You've got a major problem when you're the current "ace" of the group, yet your performances as of late have almost made me long for Sayumi's monotonous vocal stylings. Or when I can actually say "you know, Yossie's yelling sounded a little better than Takahashi's." Yeah. You've hit a wall, sweetie.

What's sad is that I really liked Takahashi. To me, Takahashi was one of the better members. Now, I kind of don't care if I ever see her again. If she got replaced with Miuna tomorrow, I don't think I'd miss her. Especially if she were replaced by Miuna, because that girl deserves a lot more attention than she's getting now.

It is just sad when one crappy song can do such damage to my opinion of what used to be one of my top 3 favorite members. It says something both for the song itself (which was Kaori's final MM song, yet didn't actually feature her), and for the generally poor selection of singers this group has nowadays. I shouldn't say that the entire selection is poor. They do have a few good singers left, Tsunku just tends to push them into the background in favor of whoever's more popular at the time. :-\

Since I'm feeling all anti-current-members right now, I'm gonna give a list of what graduated members I really miss:

1. Kaori, obviously.
2. Kei. She was an excellent singer, who didn't get enough credit.
3. Ishiguro. Another excellent singer, who unfortunately didn't stick around long enough to be as underrated as Kei. :P

If those 3 were to form their own unit, I think I'd urinate pure, concentrated joy (as opposed to regular ol' urine). I heard that Ishiguro sang the theme to some TV show recently. I wish I knew what it was, because I'd love to hear her voice again.

Anyway, that's who I miss. Who do you miss?
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed

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January 21st, 2005

08:40 pm - Just saw two "Manpower" performances...
These two performances were obviously on two different shows (Music Station and Pop Jam), but I guess both of them happened today. Torrents are here and here. It's Hello Tracker, so you have to be registered.

Anyway, let's start with the MS performance, since it's the first one I saw. Oh, boy. Not only were the costumes completely wrong (think "tarty baseball players") for the song, but the performance was horrible. Reina sounded good, Miki's microphone was broken, and unfortunately Yossie and Takahashi's microphones were working just fine. :P

Seriously? I think that any review you see of a performance for this song is going to come down to how painful the yelling was this time. While Takahashi did fine throughout most of the song, on the final "subarasui," she sounded something like one might expect Pee-Wee Herman to sound after he's been kicked in the testicles. That's as kindly as I can put it, my friends. It's quite possibly the worst she has ever sounded. Also, she really spazzes out at the end of the song.

As for the Pop Jam performance, it wasn't much better. In fact, it was worse. They did wear the regular costumes, but unfortunately, they also wore the terrible singing voices. Takahashi was especially painful to listen to in this one, and Yossie's yelling inflicted pretty much the same torture as usual. Toward the end, they both sounded like they were literally being killed. And again, Takahashi spazzes out at the end of the song, and actually almost falls down from the sheer force of it.

In short, both performances sucked. But, in the MS performance, everyone but Miki, Takahashi, and Yossie sounded fine-- although it sounds to me like Miki might be sick. At Pop Jam, pretty much everyone was going out of tune, while Yossie and Takahashi were killing me roughly with their song. Killing me roughly. With their song.

I'd say I'm surprised at how bad these performances were, but lying is wrong. XD
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January 19th, 2005

01:58 pm - They confirmed it was the tracker.
We've deleted the tracker from the account. Now we all can do is wait untill tehy reactivate the account and the forum and site will be back.

Until them Urashiman has created a Backup forum:


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11:28 am - So, DDLT is down again...
Without any notification, it seems that our account is been suspended. I've talked to Luen and he's going to see if they're reactivating the account if we take out the tracker. I'm really pissed!

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07:01 pm - H!P Next Releases
February 2005

[PB] Hello-Hello! Miyoshi Erika & Okada Yui
「ハロハロ! 三好絵梨香&岡田唯」

ISBN 4-0489-4258-1 : 2,625yen

According to eyewitness accounts, they were in Saipan Island in October.

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January 18th, 2005

07:18 pm - Since the forum seems to be down at the moment...
Just downloaded the new Jewelry single. Torrent is here.

Excellent single. Unfortunately, the files aren't named for the titles of the songs. Just the track numbers.

So, Urashiman, or anyone else good at reading Japanese... I was wondering if you could help me with these track titles (any help is greatly appreciated):

Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Jewelry - Shiro no Fantasy

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December 31st, 2004

04:03 pm - My impressions on the unreleased MMESB songs
Morning Coffee (Unreleased "B♭" Version)
It's basically the same song, but with some missing vocals and a higher pitch. As j-kitty said, some girls actually sound better in this version, though that's not precisely Kaori's case - but she's alright for a first major single. I think I like the final version better, but maybe it's just because I'm used to it. The song seems to have a happier feeling in the unreleased version, doesn't it?

Manatsu no Kousen (Early Version)
Doesn't sound very different from the final version to me. The instrumental part is a bit different in some parts (IMHO for the worse), there's a few back vocals missing, and a few off-key notes here and there. I don't think it was really worth it to release this version.

Furusato (Early Vocal Version)
It's the same song, but full of off-key notes. ò___Ó I can't see the point of releasing this version. It looks as if they just took the first recordings of the song before Natsumi got it right and then put them here. Five years later, I still think it was a total mistake to make this a Natsumi solo. I would have loved to hear Aya having a go at this one.

Love Machine (Early Unison Version)
The title is self-explanatory. I wonder if they really actually considered releasing this one. It sounds better with all the solo lines. It's still a really cool version though. It sounds like the kind of thing you would hear on the Momubus on the girls' way to the next concert. XD Still, I'm glad they went with the version we all got to hear and love.
Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied

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December 28th, 2004

09:43 pm - OH MY GOSH!!!
Just watched Morning Musume's performance on that Music Station Super Live thing.


j-kitty was right on everything she said. These girls can't sing. There was a moment when Miki hit such an off-key note that my mouth opened wide open. Ai was doing poor karaoke. Rika sounded as she always sounds. And I hate to say this, but I wanted to hit Makoto during her solo line. Reina didn't sound that bad though.

And what was that with throwing a bit of "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari" between each song?

AHD WHAT WAS THAT WITH RIKA'S HAIR? Had she been hit by a bus on her way to the show or what?

Anyway... I also watched Aya & Maki's performance. You know, in a way, it was good that Natsumi wasn't there. The girl can't sing live, especially this kind of fast song with a fast-moving choreography, which is quite demanding for her "just touch me with the tip of your little finger while I'm singing and I'll break into tiny pieces" kind of voice. It would have been terrible for our ears. But Aya and Maki did a good job.

Finally, am I the only one who got the feeling that Ai was afraid to fall to the stage from her spot during W's performance? XD

... And am I the only who thinks that Ai and Nono are overdoing their childish behavior? Are these girls ever going to grow up? They still look like they're 12 & 14 to me, yet Nono is almost my age and in Spain she should be attending university already.
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed

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04:25 pm - My thoughts on "The Manpower" so far...
I heard the full radio preview. Torrent is here.

This song could have been good. Some parts of the sound were clever. They seem to have sampled snippets of b-movie music, and I did find the "mysterious!" parts to be something I kind of enjoyed.

But, they went about recording it all wrong. They got Yossie doing yelling, which is just not something she can do properly. On top of that, we know this is Kaori's last single, and she's pushed into the background, despite the fact that she'd sound good in a song like this.

Unless history is repeating itself, and like Kei, she's been given a slight extension. I hope so, because "The Manpower" is making for one sad-ass graduation single. However, if it were for Sayumi's graduation, I'd be very happy with it. XD

Anyway, there you have it. "The Manpower" sounds like it could have been a cool song, but of course, it was executed poorly. That PV doesn't look promising, either. Especially considering that I saw what I'm guessing is the short version (it was in an OPV, along with footage from a performance of the song), and yes, it's just them dancing in front of a cheap-looking background. I think the whole PV is going to be like that. And I'm not the least bit surprised.

I didn't post this in the forum, because I'm sure that once the single is closer to being released, someone else will start a topic about it. I'll just say what I think on the forum when that happens, especially since the PV will no doubt have already been uploaded by somebody at that point.
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03:59 pm - "Champagne no Koi" translation?
Does anyone know were I could find a translation of Melon Kinenbi's "Champagne no Koi"? I've been surfing some j-pop lyrics translation sites, but I can't find a translation of this song. Here are the sites I've checked, so that you know I've actually looked for this. :P

http://www.geocities.com/ojochan/ (+ links section)

I'm kind of "in need" of this translation. I was listening to the song while I wrote a short story, because the melody suits the mood of the story very well. Now I'd like to know whether the lyrics suit the story too.

I'm not asking at the forum because the thread for translation requests is obviously not there.

Edit: Yay! Never mind, I found it: http://www.mognet.net/translations/melon_kinenbi/english/champagne-no-koi.htm ^O^

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