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ddlt's Journal

Doki Doki Love Community
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This is a community for members of the Doki Doki Love Town forum. It was created by j-kitty, one of the moderators at the forum. All members are welcome to join, obviously. XD

The forums are down right now, so I thought it might be nice to have an LJ community we can chat in during times when we're having problems connecting to the forums. Or, when you want to make a short post that normally wouldn't be acceptable at the forum itself. People make short LJ entries all the time, so it wouldn't be too bad if someone were to just post "has anyone heard [name of song]? I really liked it." That's perfectly normal for LJ communities, so feel free to do those posts here instead of cluttering the forum with them. XD

There's only a few rules:

1. Don't troll, or start flame wars. If you can't disagree respectfully, keep yer trap shut. ;)
2. No racist or homophobic talk. It won't be tolerated.
3. Quiz results have to be put under an LJ-cut.

Other than that, enjoy. :)